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DC Motor Pump Station
  • DC Motor Pump StationDC Motor Pump Station
  • DC Motor Pump StationDC Motor Pump Station
  • DC Motor Pump StationDC Motor Pump Station
  • DC Motor Pump StationDC Motor Pump Station
  • DC Motor Pump StationDC Motor Pump Station

DC Motor Pump Station

Rohn Hydraulic specializes in manufacturing and supplying DC Motor Pump Stations. With our wealth of experience in this field, we prioritize strict quality control measures and are dedicated to providing customized customer service to guarantee maximum satisfaction. We look forward to receiving your inquiries and are excited about the prospect of building a strong and lasting partnership with you.

A DC Motor Pump Station is an integral component of hydraulic systems, serving to power fluid transfer and control mechanisms. This stationary unit typically comprises a DC motor, pump, reservoir, valves, filters, and associated components. It plays a vital role in various industrial, commercial, and automotive applications, offering distinctive features and benefits. Let's explore the description, characteristics, applications, and details of DC Motor Pump Stations.


A DC Motor Pump Station is designed to convert electrical energy from a direct current (DC) power source into mechanical energy, driving a hydraulic pump to generate fluid flow. The pump draws hydraulic fluid from a reservoir, pressurizing it to power hydraulic actuators, cylinders, or motors within the system. The station may include additional components such as valves for flow control, filters for fluid cleanliness, and gauges for monitoring pressure and flow rate.


Power Efficiency: DC Motor Pump Stations are known for their high power efficiency, converting electrical energy into hydraulic power with minimal energy loss.

Compact Design: Despite their powerful performance, these stations feature a compact and space-saving design, making them suitable for installations where space is limited.

Versatility: DC Motor Pump Stations offer versatility in hydraulic systems, accommodating various flow rates, pressures, and operational requirements.

Precise Control: With their adjustable flow control valves and pressure relief mechanisms, these stations provide precise control over fluid flow and pressure.

Quiet Operation: The use of DC motors results in quieter operation compared to other types of hydraulic power units, contributing to a quieter working environment.

Durability: Constructed from robust materials and equipped with reliable components, DC Motor Pump Stations exhibit durability and reliability, ensuring long-term performance.

Easy Maintenance: These stations are designed for ease of maintenance, with accessible components and simplified servicing procedures, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.

Energy Efficiency: DC Motor Pump Stations consume minimal energy during operation, contributing to energy savings and reduced operating costs over time.


Industrial Machinery: DC Motor Pump Stations are widely used in industrial machinery such as presses, injection molding machines, and material handling equipment for tasks like clamping, lifting, and positioning.

Mobile Equipment: In mobile hydraulic systems like forklifts, aerial lifts, and agricultural machinery, these stations power functions such as lifting, tilting, and steering.

Automotive Systems: Within automotive applications, DC Motor Pump Stations are employed in power steering systems, brake systems, and convertible top mechanisms for fluid power assistance.

Construction Equipment: In construction machinery like excavators, bulldozers, and cranes, these stations drive hydraulic functions such as lifting, digging, and material handling.

Marine and Offshore: DC Motor Pump Stations are utilized in marine and offshore applications for tasks such as controlling winches, cranes, and steering systems aboard ships and vessels.

Process Industries: Within process industries such as mining, steel production, and chemical processing, these stations power hydraulic systems for material handling, conveyor operation, and equipment actuation.


DC Motor: The heart of the station, the DC motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, driving the hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic Pump: The pump draws hydraulic fluid from the reservoir and pressurizes it to power hydraulic actuators or motors.

Reservoir: The reservoir stores hydraulic fluid and helps dissipate heat generated during operation, ensuring consistent fluid supply and temperature control.

Valves: Flow control valves, pressure relief valves, and directional control valves regulate fluid flow, pressure, and direction within the hydraulic system.

Filters: Hydraulic filters remove contaminants from the fluid, ensuring cleanliness and preventing damage to system components.

Gauges: Pressure gauges and flow meters monitor hydraulic system parameters, providing essential feedback for system operation and maintenance.

Mounting Options: DC Motor Pump Stations offer flexibility in mounting configurations, including horizontal, vertical, or angled orientations, to suit different installation requirements.

Safety Features: Overload protection, emergency stop switches, and pressure relief mechanisms enhance safety during operation, preventing system damage and ensuring personnel safety.

In summary, DC Motor Pump Stations are versatile, efficient, and reliable units that power hydraulic systems across a wide range of applications. With their compact design, precise control, and energy efficiency, these stations contribute to enhanced productivity, performance, and safety in various industries and sectors.

Consisting of a heavy duty DC motor and the CBK gear pump,this pump-motor group is typically used as apower station of a complex hydraulic system.

Outline Dimension

Hydraulic circuit optional 095

Model Specifications

Type Motor Pump
Displacement (cc/r)
L Mounting Oil Port
HPU1-95ADAHHHA##K DC12V 1.6KW 2500RPM 1.6 78 Horizontal 3/4"-16
HPU1-95AEAIHHAMNK DC12V 2.0KW 2500RPM 2.1 80
HPU1-95BDAKHHA##K DC24V 1.6KW 2700RPM 2.6 82
HPU1-95BFALHHA##K DC24V 2.2KW 2700RPM 3.2 84

Special Notes

1. For different flow rate pump, pressure and molon power, please check the ordering guidance.
2、This motor is based on gap working system S2=2 - 4min(continuous working time), s0 it cannot run contfnuously.
3. Betore installation, the cylinder. oil pipe, joint and other hydraulic components musl be cleaned and free from any impuribes.
4. The viscosity of hydraulic oill should be 15-68cst and should be clean and free of impurlies HM46 hydraulic oil is recomended.
5、The hydraulc oil should be replaced after the first 100 hours' use of the system, and change the oil ewery 3,000 hours after that.

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