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Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Single Acting Hydraulic CylinderSingle Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Single Acting Hydraulic CylinderSingle Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Single Acting Hydraulic CylinderSingle Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Single Acting Hydraulic CylinderSingle Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Single Acting Hydraulic CylinderSingle Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Single Acting Hydraulic CylinderSingle Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Single Acting Hydraulic CylinderSingle Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Rohn Hydraulic prides itself on being a trusted manufacturer and distributor committed to producing top-quality Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience in crafting these essential components, we maintain strict quality control standards and place a strong emphasis on providing customized customer service to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. We eagerly anticipate your inquiries and are excited about the opportunity to cultivate a strong and long-lasting partnership with you.

Rohn Hydraulic's Single acting hydraulic cylinders are integral components of hydraulic systems, converting hydraulic pressure into linear mechanical force and motion. These cylinders are widely utilized across industrial, commercial, and automotive sectors, offering distinct advantages and characteristics. Let's delve into the portrayal, attributes, applications, and intricacies of single acting hydraulic cylinders.


Single acting hydraulic cylinders consist of a cylindrical barrel housing a piston, rod, seals, and hydraulic fluid. Unlike dual-acting cylinders, single acting ones exert force solely in one direction, typically extending the piston rod upon the application of hydraulic pressure. External forces such as gravity or springs facilitate the return stroke.


Unidirectional Force: Single acting hydraulic cylinders exert force exclusively in one direction, making them suitable for applications requiring force only during the extension stroke.

Simplified Design: With fewer internal components compared to dual-acting cylinders, single acting counterparts feature a simpler design, leading to reduced manufacturing costs and simplified maintenance.

Compact Form Factor: These cylinders are available in compact sizes, making them ideal for installations with limited space or where smaller actuators are preferred.

Cost Efficiency: Due to their straightforward design and operation, single acting hydraulic cylinders are often more cost-effective than their dual-acting counterparts, particularly in applications requiring force in one direction.


Industrial Machinery: Single acting hydraulic cylinders are extensively used in industrial machinery such as presses, punching machines, and material handling equipment for tasks like clamping, pressing, lifting, and positioning.

Construction Equipment: Within the construction sector, single acting cylinders are employed in machinery like excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks, aiding in functions such as raising and lowering buckets, blades, and booms.

Agricultural Machinery: Tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural equipment rely on single acting hydraulic cylinders for tasks like lifting, tilting, and controlling implements such as plows and loaders.

Automotive Systems: Single acting cylinders find integration into automotive systems for operations like brake actuation, steering assistance, and convertible top operation.

Marine Applications: In the marine industry, single acting cylinders are utilized for tasks such as steering control, anchor winch operation, and cargo hatch actuation aboard ships and vessels.


Construction: Single acting hydraulic cylinders typically feature a precision-machined barrel accommodating a piston and rod assembly, with the piston housed within the barrel while the rod extends from one end.

Sealing Mechanism: Seals are crucial in preventing hydraulic fluid leakage and maintaining pressure within the cylinder. Common seal types include piston seals, rod seals, and wiper seals.

Hydraulic Fluid: The choice of hydraulic fluid depends on factors such as operational temperature, pressure, and compatibility with cylinder materials. Mineral oil-based and synthetic fluids are commonly used.

Mounting Options: Single acting hydraulic cylinders offer flexibility in mounting orientations, including vertical, horizontal, or angled configurations, catering to diverse application requirements.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring optimal performance and longevity, involving seal inspection, lubrication of moving components, and monitoring fluid levels and condition.

Safety Considerations: Proper installation, operation, and maintenance are critical for ensuring safe and efficient cylinder operation. Adherence to manufacturer guidelines and industry standards is essential to prevent accidents and equipment damage.

In conclusion, single acting hydraulic cylinders play a vital role across various industries due to their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Their unidirectional force output makes them indispensable for applications requiring precise linear motion, ensuring operational efficiency and performance excellence.

Hydraulic Cylinder discription

We design and produce all kinds of hydraulic cylinders, single action Hydraulic Cylinder, double action Hydraulic Cylinder, can be widely used in the car, logistics, warehousing, and so on.

Before purchase, pls contact me , we can discuss the cylinder details .

1.Double action/single action

2.High quality chrome polishing rod

3. Grinding and finishing steel pipes

4. Top SAE port standards

5.High quality seals

6.1 year warranty

7.Standard color is black

8.Color:according to your requirements

Designed for: single acting, double acting

Stage: 3^5 graded cylinder

Maximum inner tube: 170mm, 180mm, 195mm, 200mm, 210mm, etc.

Installation distance: 325mm/ 345mm/ 425mm or according to customer requirements

Working pressure: 12 MPa-35 MPa

Stroke: 100mm to 2000mm

Dumping weight: 1-68 tons

Piston Rod: Chrome or nickel plated, ground and polished piston rod

Tube: High strength cold drawn tubing, precision honed for extended seal life

Dimensions 100mm
Length 2000mm
Tolerance IS0f7
Chrome thickness 20~30micron
Chrome layer thickness 45~50HRC

Parameters Table
GN Z GW L L1 L2 K1 K2 R1 R2 T1 T2
40 25 50 200+S 23 64 20 20 25 25 25 20
50 32 60 255+S 40 80 30 30 38 38 35
63 40 76 270+S 40 80 30 30 38 38 35 35
75 40 90 300+S 50 100 40 40 40 40 45 45
80 45 92 300+S 50 100 40 40 40 40 45 45
90 50 108 360+S 50 100 40 40 45 45 45 45
100 60 114 360+S 65 105 50 50 47 45 JV 50
110 70 133 400+5 65 110 50 50 55 55 50 50
125 70 152 445+5 85 120 60 60 60 65 60 60

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