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Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Double Acting Hydraulic CylinderDouble Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Double Acting Hydraulic CylinderDouble Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Double Acting Hydraulic CylinderDouble Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Double Acting Hydraulic CylinderDouble Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Double Acting Hydraulic CylinderDouble Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Double Acting Hydraulic CylinderDouble Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

As a manufacturer, Rohn Hydraulic operates its own factory in China, equipped with advanced machinery and technology to produce high-quality Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder. Whether you're looking for standard fittings or customized solutions, Rohn Hydraulic is your trusted partner for all your hydraulic component needs.

Rohn Hydraulic's Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder play a pivotal role in hydraulic systems, serving as indispensable components for converting hydraulic energy into linear mechanical force and motion in both forward and reverse directions. Their widespread adoption across diverse industries stems from their adaptability, reliability, and capacity to exert force during both extension and retraction strokes. Now, let's delve into an alternative portrayal of the description, characteristics, applications, and details of double-acting hydraulic cylinders.


At the core of double-acting hydraulic cylinders lies a cylindrical barrel housing essential components such as a piston, rod, seals, and hydraulic fluid. Distinguished from their single-acting counterparts by their ability to exert force in two directions, these cylinders harness hydraulic pressure to propel the piston alternately in both forward and reverse strokes. This bidirectional force capability empowers precise control over the movement and positioning of machinery and loads.


Versatile Force Application: Rohn Hydraulic's Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders boast the capability to exert force in both extension and retraction strokes, ensuring precise control over the movement and positioning of machinery and loads.

Adaptability: These cylinders exhibit remarkable adaptability, finding utility across diverse applications where precise linear motion and force are imperative.

Optimized Efficiency: Leveraging hydraulic pressure to generate force in both directions, double-acting cylinders optimize operational efficiency, thereby minimizing energy wastage and maximizing productivity.

Robust Construction: Engineered from durable materials and equipped with high-performance seals, double-acting hydraulic cylinders demonstrate exceptional resilience and longevity, even under high-pressure conditions over extended durations.

Space-saving Design: Despite their robust functionality, double-acting cylinders feature a compact design, making them well-suited for installations where space is at a premium.


Industrial Machinery: Double-acting hydraulic cylinders serve as vital components in industrial machinery such as presses, machining tools, and injection molding machines, facilitating tasks ranging from clamping and lifting to bending and forming.

Construction Equipment: Within the construction domain, these cylinders find extensive application in machinery like cranes, excavators, and bulldozers, enabling essential functions such as lifting, pushing, and positioning heavy loads.

Material Handling Systems: Double-acting cylinders play a pivotal role in material handling equipment such as forklifts, conveyors, and palletizers, facilitating the efficient lifting, lowering, and transportation of goods.

Agricultural Machinery: Tractors, harvesters, and agricultural implements rely on double-acting cylinders for operations such as raising and lowering attachments, tilting, and steering.

Automotive Systems: In automotive settings, double-acting cylinders are integrated into vehicle lifts, hydraulic jacks, and suspension systems, enabling critical functions such as lifting, lowering, and damping movements.


Construction: Typically, Rohn Hydraulic's Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders feature a precision-machined barrel accommodating a piston and rod assembly. Essential seals, including piston seals and rod seals, are employed to prevent hydraulic fluid leakage and maintain pressure within the cylinder.

Sealing Mechanism: The efficacy of high-quality seals is paramount in preventing hydraulic fluid leakage and preserving pressure integrity within the cylinder.

Hydraulic Fluid: Selection of hydraulic fluid is contingent upon factors such as operational temperature, pressure, and compatibility with cylinder materials, with mineral oil-based and synthetic fluids being prevalent choices.

Mounting Options: Double-acting hydraulic cylinders offer versatility in mounting orientations, including vertical, horizontal, or angled configurations, catering to diverse application requirements.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is imperative to uphold optimal performance and longevity, encompassing seal inspection, lubrication of moving components, and vigilant monitoring of fluid levels and condition.

Safety Considerations: Adhering to manufacturer guidelines and industry standards is paramount in ensuring safe and efficient cylinder operation, encompassing proper installation, operation, and maintenance practices.

In essence, Rohn Hydraulic's Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders stand as versatile, efficient, and durable components that underpin the seamless operation of machinery and equipment across a myriad of industrial, commercial, and automotive domains. Their ability to exert force bidirectionally empowers precise control over motion and positioning, ultimately fostering heightened productivity and operational efficacy.

Hydraulic Cylinder discription

We design and produce all kinds of hydraulic cylinders, single action Hydraulic Cylinder, double action Hydraulic Cylinder, can be widely used in the car, logistics, warehousing, and so on.

Before purchase, pls contact me , we can discuss the cylinder details .

1.Double action/single action

2.High quality chrome polishing rod

3. Grinding and finishing steel pipes

4. Top SAE port standards

5.High quality seals

6.1 year warranty

7.Standard color is black

8.Color:according to your requirements

Designed for: single acting, double acting

Stage: 3^5 graded cylinder

Maximum inner tube: 170mm, 180mm, 195mm, 200mm, 210mm, etc.

Installation distance: 325mm/ 345mm/ 425mm or according to customer requirements

Working pressure: 12 MPa-35 MPa

Stroke: 100mm to 2000mm

Dumping weight: 1-68 tons

Piston Rod: Chrome or nickel plated, ground and polished piston rod

Tube: High strength cold drawn tubing, precision honed for extended seal life

Dimensions 100mm
Length 2000mm
Tolerance IS0f7
Chrome thickness 20~30micron
Chrome layer thickness 45~50HRC

Parameters Table
GN Z GW L L1 L2 K1 K2 R1 R2 T1 T2
40 25 50 200+S 23 64 20 20 25 25 25 20
50 32 60 255+S 40 80 30 30 38 38 35
63 40 76 270+S 40 80 30 30 38 38 35 35
75 40 90 300+S 50 100 40 40 40 40 45 45
80 45 92 300+S 50 100 40 40 40 40 45 45
90 50 108 360+S 50 100 40 40 45 45 45 45
100 60 114 360+S 65 105 50 50 47 45 JV 50
110 70 133 400+5 65 110 50 50 55 55 50 50
125 70 152 445+5 85 120 60 60 60 65 60 60

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