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CBT1-F2A Gear Pumps
  • CBT1-F2A Gear PumpsCBT1-F2A Gear Pumps
  • CBT1-F2A Gear PumpsCBT1-F2A Gear Pumps
  • CBT1-F2A Gear PumpsCBT1-F2A Gear Pumps
  • CBT1-F2A Gear PumpsCBT1-F2A Gear Pumps
  • CBT1-F2A Gear PumpsCBT1-F2A Gear Pumps

CBT1-F2A Gear Pumps

Rohn Hydraulic stands out as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of CBT1-F2A Gear Pumps in China. Our commitment revolves around maintaining rigorous quality standards and delivering attentive customer service. We place utmost importance on ensuring customer satisfaction, offering tailored assistance to guarantee the optimal solution for your requirements. Get in touch with us today to initiate discussions on your procurement necessities and discover firsthand the excellence synonymous with Rohn Hydraulic.

Rohn Hydraulic's CBT1-F2A Gear Pumps offer a myriad of advantages and features that make them a standout choice for various industrial applications.


Reliable Performance: The CBT1-F2A Gear Pumps ensure consistent and reliable performance, maintaining smooth operation even in the most demanding conditions.

Precision Engineering: Crafted with precision engineering techniques, these gear pumps adhere to high-quality standards, guaranteeing optimal functionality and performance.

Durable Construction: Featuring robust materials and sturdy construction, CBT1-F2A Gear Pumps are built to endure harsh environments, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.

Efficiency: With an efficient design, these gear pumps minimize energy consumption, leading to cost savings and promoting environmental sustainability.


Versatility: CBT1-F2A Gear Pumps are highly versatile, suitable for a wide array of applications spanning industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, and hydraulic systems in construction.

Compact Design: Despite their powerful performance, these gear pumps boast a compact design, making them ideal for installations with space constraints while maintaining optimal performance levels.

Easy Maintenance: Designed with accessibility in mind, CBT1-F2A Gear Pumps feature easily accessible components and straightforward servicing procedures, minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs.


Industrial Machinery: These gear pumps find extensive use in various industrial applications such as presses, machine tools, and injection molding machines, providing reliable hydraulic power transmission.

Agricultural Equipment: Widely employed in agricultural machinery including tractors, harvesters, and irrigation systems, CBT1-F2A Gear Pumps facilitate essential functions such as steering, lifting, and implement control.

Construction Machinery: In the construction sector, these gear pumps play a pivotal role in equipment such as excavators, loaders, and cranes, delivering hydraulic power for lifting, digging, and other operations.

Product Details:

Flow Rate Options: Available in a range of flow rate options to accommodate diverse application requirements.

Pressure Rating: Capable of operating at high pressures to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications.

Mounting Options: Offered with various mounting options including flange, foot, or bracket mounting, ensuring easy integration into different systems.

Material Selection: Available in a selection of materials tailored to specific fluid compatibility and environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

In conclusion, Rohn Hydraulic's CBT1-F2A Gear Pumps excel in delivering reliable performance, durability, efficiency, and versatility, making them an indispensable choice for a wide spectrum of industrial applications.

CBT-F2**'A series gear pump is dynamic component of the hydraulic system.It features high precision gears,high strength aluminum-alloy shell,float bushings,and DU bearings.It has the characteristics of simple structure,light weight,high efficiency,low noise,and high reliability,etc.It is widely used in the hydraulic system and hydraulic dower unit.Both clockwise and counterclockwise direction pump are available.

Model code

Lnstallation Dimensions

Technical Data

Model Disp
Rated Max. Rated Max.
CBT-F200.75 0.75 20 25 2000 4000 73.5
CBT-F201.1 1.1 20 25 2000 4000 75.5
CBT-F201.3 1.3 20 25 2000 4000 76.5
CBT-F201.6 1.6 20 25 2000 4000 77.5
CBT-F202.1 2.1 20 25 2000 4000 80
CBT-F202.6 2.6 20 25 2000 4000 82
CBT-F203.2 3.2 20 25 2000 4000 85
CBT-F203.7 3.7 20 25 2000 3600 87.5
CBT-F204.2 4.2 20 25 2000 3600 90
CBT-F204.8 4.8 16 20 1500 3000 92.5
CBT-F205.8 5.8 16 20 1500 3000 97

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