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CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps
  • CBT2-F2 Gear PumpsCBT2-F2 Gear Pumps
  • CBT2-F2 Gear PumpsCBT2-F2 Gear Pumps
  • CBT2-F2 Gear PumpsCBT2-F2 Gear Pumps
  • CBT2-F2 Gear PumpsCBT2-F2 Gear Pumps
  • CBT2-F2 Gear PumpsCBT2-F2 Gear Pumps

CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps

Rohn Hydraulic leads the industry as a premier producer and distributor of CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps in China. We pride ourselves on upholding rigorous quality benchmarks and delivering personalized customer care, reflecting our unwavering commitment to superior standards. Whether you're perusing our product catalog or seeking tailored engineering advice for your distinct needs, our dedicated customer service center is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to explore the unparalleled quality and service that embody Rohn Hydraulic.

Rohn Hydraulic leads the market as a premier manufacturer of CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps, offering unparalleled advantages and features tailored for diverse applications.


Consistent Performance: Our CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps ensure unwavering performance, guaranteeing seamless operation even in demanding environments.

Precision Craftsmanship: Engineered with precision techniques, these gear pumps meet rigorous quality standards, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity.

Robust Build: Crafted from durable materials and robust construction, CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps withstand rugged conditions, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Efficiency: Designed for efficiency, these gear pumps minimize energy consumption, translating to cost savings and environmental benefits.


Versatility: CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps offer versatility across industries, catering to a wide array of applications in industrial machinery, construction equipment, and agriculture.

Space-Saving Design: Despite their robust performance, these gear pumps feature a compact design, ideal for installations with limited space without compromising efficiency.

Ease of Maintenance: Engineered for easy maintenance, CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps feature accessible components and simplified servicing procedures, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


Industrial Machinery: These gear pumps are integral components in various industrial machinery such as presses, machine tools, and injection molding machines, ensuring reliable hydraulic power transmission.

Construction Equipment: Trusted in construction machinery like excavators, loaders, and cranes, CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps provide essential hydraulic power for lifting, digging, and other operations.

Agricultural Machinery: Widely utilized in agricultural equipment including tractors, harvesters, and irrigation systems, these gear pumps facilitate crucial functions like steering, lifting, and implement control.

Product Details:

Flow Rate Options: Available in a range of flow rate options to meet diverse application needs.

High Pressure Capability: Capable of operating at high pressures, CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps are suited for heavy-duty applications.

Flexible Mounting: Offered with various mounting options such as flange, foot, or bracket mounting, ensuring seamless integration into different systems.

Material Selection: Available in different materials to ensure compatibility with various fluids and environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and performance.

In essence, Rohn Hydraulic's CBT2-F2 Gear Pumps epitomize reliability, durability, efficiency, and adaptability, making them the ideal choice for a broad spectrum of applications across industries.

CBT2-F2*"series gear pump is dynamic component of the hydraulic system.It features high precision gears,high strength aluminum-alloy shell,float bushings,and DU bearings.It has the characteristics of simple structure,light weight,high efficiency,low noise,and high reliabilty,ete.It is widely used in the hydraulic system and hydraulicpower unit.Counterclockwise direction pump are available.

Model code

Lnstallation Dimensions

Technical Data

Model Disp.
Diminsion Inlet
Rated Max. Rated Max. H(mm) L(mm)
CBT2-F200.8 0.8 20 25 1500 3000 71.5 42.3 NPT1/2 M18×1.5 NPT1/2 M18×1.5
CBT2-F201.2 1.2 20 25 1500 3000 73 43
CBT2-F201.7 1.7 20 25 1500 3000 75 44
CBT2-F202.1 2.1 20 25 1500 3000 76.5 44.8
CBT2-F202.5 2.5 20 25 1500 3000 78.5 45.8
CBT2-F203.2 3.2 20 25 1500 3000 81 47

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