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Hydraulic Ladder Power Unit
  • Hydraulic Ladder Power UnitHydraulic Ladder Power Unit
  • Hydraulic Ladder Power UnitHydraulic Ladder Power Unit
  • Hydraulic Ladder Power UnitHydraulic Ladder Power Unit
  • Hydraulic Ladder Power UnitHydraulic Ladder Power Unit

Hydraulic Ladder Power Unit

Hydraulic Ladder Power Units from Rohn Hydraulic factory serve as indispensable components engineered to provide hydraulic assistance, thereby enhancing safety, efficiency, and usability across diverse applications. Let's explore the description, features, applications, and specifics of these units.

Rohn Hydraulic specializes in manufacturing and trading Hydraulic Ladder Power Unit. With extensive experience in producing these units, we maintain stringent quality control and prioritize personalized customer service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Your inquiries are eagerly anticipated, and we aspire to establish a steadfast and enduring partnership with you.


Hydraulic climbing ladder power units encompass a blend of hydraulic pumps, motors, reservoirs, valves, and essential components encased within a robust housing. Specifically designed, they deliver precise hydraulic power to climbing ladders, ensuring controlled and smooth ascents and descents.


Hydraulic Assistance: These units offer hydraulic assistance, facilitating effortless ascents and descents on climbing ladders with minimal physical exertion.

Variable Speed Control: Certain models incorporate variable speed control mechanisms, allowing users to tailor climbing speeds to suit individual preferences and operational needs.

Safety Mechanisms: Equipped with safety features such as emergency stop functionalities, overload protection, and automatic leveling systems, these units ensure secure operations and mitigate the risk of accidents.

Compact Design: Despite their advanced functionalities, hydraulic climbing ladder power units are designed with a compact footprint, enabling seamless integration into existing ladder systems with minimal space requirements.

Weather Resistance: Constructed from durable materials, these units are built to withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance both indoors and outdoors.

Energy Efficiency: Engineered for optimal energy consumption, hydraulic climbing ladder power units are designed to minimize power usage, contributing to operational efficiency and cost savings.

User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with intuitive controls and interfaces, these units are user-friendly, allowing for easy operation and maintenance across various skill levels.


Industrial Facilities: Hydraulic Ladder Power Units find extensive usage in industrial settings such as warehouses, factories, and distribution centers, facilitating safe and efficient access to elevated areas.

Construction Sites: In construction and building maintenance, these units play a crucial role in providing access to scaffolding, platforms, and elevated work zones, enhancing worker productivity and safety.

Emergency Services: Firefighters, rescue teams, and emergency responders rely on hydraulic climbing ladder power units to access high-rise buildings swiftly during rescue operations and emergency situations.

Military Operations: Military personnel utilize these units for accessing elevated positions in military vehicles, aircraft, and vessels, ensuring operational readiness and maintenance efficiency.

Agricultural Applications: Within the agricultural sector, hydraulic climbing ladder power units aid in orchard management tasks, allowing workers to access fruit trees for pruning, harvesting, and maintenance activities.

Telecommunication Industry: Telecom technicians utilize these units for tower climbing and maintenance tasks, enabling them to access antennas, cables, and other equipment installed at elevated heights with ease.

Recreation and Entertainment: In recreational settings such as amusement parks and adventure courses, hydraulic climbing ladder power units provide safe and controlled access to elevated attractions and structures, ensuring visitor safety and enjoyment.


Hydraulic Components: Core hydraulic elements including pumps and motors drive ladder movements, ensuring smooth operation and controlled ascent/descent.

Safety Sensors: Advanced sensors detect anomalies such as overloading or malfunctions, triggering safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries.

Control Unit: The control unit processes sensor data and user inputs, regulating hydraulic pressure and ladder movements for optimal performance and safety.

Emergency Stop Function: Certain models are equipped with emergency stop buttons, enabling users to halt ladder movements instantly in case of emergencies or safety concerns.

Battery Backup: Some units feature battery backup systems, ensuring continued operation in the event of power outages or system failures, maintaining operational readiness.

Compliance: Hydraulic climbing ladder power units adhere to stringent safety standards and regulations, ensuring reliability and safety across diverse applications.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance and inspection of these units are essential to uphold operational efficiency and longevity, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous performance.

In summary, Hydraulic Ladder Power Units are indispensable assets across various industries and applications, providing safe, efficient, and controlled access to elevated areas. With their advanced features, user-friendly design, and robust performance, these units enhance productivity, safety, and usability in diverse operational environments.

This Hydraulic Ladder Power Unit is specially designed for the hydraulicclimbing ladder of flatbed truck,which can realize the liftingand turning function of the ladder by the solenoid valve.

This power unit is specially designed for the hydraulic climbing ladder of flatbed truck, which can realize the lifting and turning function of the ladder by the solenoid valve.

Outline Dimension

Hydraulic circuit optional 061

Model Specifications

Type Motor Pump
Displacement (cc/r)
Mounting Oil Port
HPU1-61BHBKBHCFLG DC24V 4Kw 3100rpm 2.6 12 20 Horizontal M14x1.5" (Customize)
HPU1-61BHBLBHCFPG 3.2 22 20

Special Notes

1. For different flow rate pump, pressure and motor power, please check the ordering guidance.
2. This motor is based on gap working system S2=8 ~ 12min(continuous working time), so it cannot run continuously.
3. Before installation, the cylinder, oil pipe, joint and other hydraulic components must be cleaned and free from any impurities.
4. The viscosity of hydraulic oil should be 15- -68cst and should be clean and free of impurities.HM46 hydraulic oil is recommended.
5. Check that whether there is enough oil in the oil tank immediately after the first operating of the system.
6. The hydraulic oil should be replaced after the first 100 hours' use of the system, and change the oil every 3,000 hours after that.

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