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Power Unit for Large Scissor Lift
  • Power Unit for Large Scissor LiftPower Unit for Large Scissor Lift
  • Power Unit for Large Scissor LiftPower Unit for Large Scissor Lift
  • Power Unit for Large Scissor LiftPower Unit for Large Scissor Lift
  • Power Unit for Large Scissor LiftPower Unit for Large Scissor Lift

Power Unit for Large Scissor Lift

For more than ten years, Changzhou Rohn Hydraulic has been a leading figure in the hydraulic industry, specializing in the trade and production of Power Unit for Large Scissor Lift. Over recent years, we've heavily invested in state-of-the-art equipment, such as fully digitalized test benches, lifespan testing facilities, and advanced CNC machining centers, underscoring our dedication to quality and advancement.

The Power Unit for Large Scissor Lift commonly known as the hydraulic power unit (HPU), is an essential component responsible for providing the hydraulic power required to operate the lifting mechanism of these platforms. Below is a comprehensive overview of this product, including its scope, applications, operation, specifications, and product information.

Product Overview:

The Power Unit for Large Scissor Lift is designed to provide the necessary hydraulic power for lifting and lowering heavy loads on scissor lift platforms used in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and maintenance.

Scope of Use:

The power unit is specifically designed for use with large scissor lift platforms, including both stationary and mobile models. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications where heavy loads need to be lifted to various heights.


Construction Sites: Used for lifting construction materials, equipment, and workers to elevated work areas.

Warehousing and Logistics: Utilized for loading and unloading heavy cargo onto shelves or trucks in warehouses and distribution centers.

Manufacturing Facilities: Used to lift heavy machinery or components to assembly lines or elevated workstations.

Maintenance and Repair: Employed for accessing elevated areas during equipment maintenance or repair tasks.

Events and Entertainment: Utilized for setting up stages, lighting, and sound equipment at concerts, festivals, and other events.


The power unit operates by converting electrical energy into hydraulic energy. It consists of an electric motor, hydraulic pump, reservoir, valves, and control system. When activated, the electric motor drives the hydraulic pump, which pressurizes hydraulic fluid stored in the reservoir. The pressurized fluid is then directed to the scissor lift platform's hydraulic cylinders, causing them to extend or retract and lift or lower the platform accordingly.

Product Parameters:

Power Output: Typically ranges from a few kilowatts to tens of kilowatts, depending on the lifting capacity and speed requirements.

Hydraulic Pressure: Varies based on the design and size of the scissor lift platform, ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds per square inch (psi).

Flow Rate: Indicates the volume of hydraulic fluid delivered by the pump per unit of time, usually measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

Reservoir Capacity: Determines the volume of hydraulic fluid the unit can hold, ranging from tens to hundreds of gallons.

Voltage: Electric power units are designed to operate on standard voltage levels such as 110V, 220V, or 440V, depending on the application and location.

Product Information:

The power unit is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability in demanding industrial environments.

It is equipped with safety features such as pressure relief valves, overheat protection, and emergency stop buttons to ensure safe operation.

The unit is available in various configurations to accommodate different scissor lift platform sizes, load capacities, and lifting speeds.

Optional features may include remote control operation, variable speed control, and integrated diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.

In summary, the Power Unit for Large Scissor Lift plays a vital role in providing the hydraulic power necessary for lifting heavy loads safely and efficiently. With its robust construction, precise operation, and versatility, it enhances productivity and safety in various industrial applications.

This hydraulic power unit adopts zero leakage two- way check valve to realize the complete isolation of two oil circuits, so that the rising and falling actions of the two oil circuits do not interfere with each other, it is an ideal hydraulic source for the single lifting system of multiple cylinders.It is widely used for scissors lift.

Outline Dimension

Hydraulic circuit optional 029

Model Specifications

Type Motor Pump
Pressure (MPa) Mounting Oil Port
HPU1-29GOEIBVDFOA AC220V 2.2Kw 2850rpm 50Hz 2.1 20 18 Vertical G1/4"
HPU1-29GPEIBVDGOA AC220V 3.0Kw 2850rpm 50Hz 25
HPU1-29HOEIBVDFOA AC380V 2.2Kw 2850rpm 50Hz 20
HPU1-29HPEIBVDGOA 380V 3.0Kw 2850rpm 50Hz 25

Special Notes

1. For different flow rate pump, pressure and motor power, please check the ordering guidance.
2. If you need manual oil discharge device for emergency , please specify when ordering.
3. This power unit can not run continuously (1 min ON,9 min OFF), it can work repeatedly.
4. Before installation, ensure that the hydraulic components such as the oil cylinder,oil pipe and joints are clean and free from any impurities.
5. The viscosity of hydraulic oil should be 15- -68cst and should be clean and free of impurities. HM46 hydraulic oil is recommended.
6. This hydraulic power unit is suitable for vertical installation.
7. Check that whether there is enough oil in the oil tank immediately after the first operating of the system.
8. The hydraulic oil should be replaced after the first 100 hours' use of the system, and change the oil every 3,000 hours after that.

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