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Pallet Truck Power Unit
  • Pallet Truck Power UnitPallet Truck Power Unit
  • Pallet Truck Power UnitPallet Truck Power Unit
  • Pallet Truck Power UnitPallet Truck Power Unit
  • Pallet Truck Power UnitPallet Truck Power Unit
  • Pallet Truck Power UnitPallet Truck Power Unit
  • Pallet Truck Power UnitPallet Truck Power Unit
  • Pallet Truck Power UnitPallet Truck Power Unit

Pallet Truck Power Unit

Changzhou Rohn Hydraulic has been dedicated to the hydraulic industry for over a decade, specializing as both a trader and manufacturer of Pallet Truck Power Unit. In recent years, our company has invested in a range of advanced equipment, including fully digitalized test benches, lifespan testing facilities, platform straightening machine test benches, rear bumper lifespan testing benches, CNC machining centers, grinders, milling machines, and sawing machines. Additionally, we have obtained ISO9001 and CE certifications.

We warmly welcome OEM and ODM orders and serve various international markets, including North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, East Asia, and Western Europe. Our proximity to major ports in Ningbo, Shanghai, and Qingdao, coupled with our export license, ensures efficient logistics for our clients. Whether you're selecting from our catalog or seeking engineering assistance tailored to your application, our customer service center is at your disposal to discuss your procurement requirements.

We are always ready to assist you and look forward to establishing a long-lasting partnership with you.

Product Overview: Pallet Truck Power Unit

The pallet truck power unit is a critical component in pallet trucks, providing the necessary hydraulic power for lifting and transporting goods efficiently in various industrial and commercial settings. Below is a detailed overview of this product, including its scope of use, typical applications, operating methods, product specifications, and additional information.

1. Scope of Use:

The pallet truck power unit is designed for use in a wide range of material handling applications, including warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, and logistics operations. It is suitable for lifting and transporting palletized goods, boxes, and other heavy loads.

2. Typical Applications:

Warehousing: Loading and unloading goods from trucks, organizing inventory, and transporting materials within the warehouse.

Retail: Handling and stocking merchandise on store shelves and in backrooms.

Manufacturing: Moving raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished products between production areas.

Logistics: Facilitating the movement of goods in distribution centers and fulfillment operations.

3. Operating Methods:

The pallet truck power unit operates through a combination of hydraulic and electrical systems. Users typically control the movement of the pallet truck using a handle or control panel, which activates the hydraulic pump to raise or lower the forks as needed. Some models may feature additional controls for forward and reverse motion.

4. Product Specifications:

Power Source: Electric or battery-powered

Load Capacity: Typically ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 kilograms (3,300 to 11,000 pounds)

Lift Height: Adjustable lift heights, commonly ranging from 100 to 200 millimeters (4 to 8 inches)

Fork Length: Standard fork lengths of 1,150 to 1,200 millimeters (45 to 47 inches)

Hydraulic System: Equipped with a hydraulic pump, reservoir, valves, and cylinders for lifting and lowering the forks

Control Panel: Includes buttons or levers for raising, lowering, and steering the pallet truck

Safety Features: Emergency stop button, overload protection, and automatic braking system

5. Product Information:

Durability: Constructed with robust materials to withstand heavy-duty use in demanding industrial environments.

Maneuverability: Designed for easy maneuvering in tight spaces and narrow aisles, enhancing operational efficiency.

Maintenance: Requires periodic inspections, lubrication, and battery charging (for electric models) to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Compliance: Compliant with safety standards and regulations, such as ANSI, OSHA, and CE requirements.

Customization: Can be customized with optional features, such as different fork lengths, widths, and lifting capacities, to meet specific user requirements.

In summary, the pallet truck power unit plays a vital role in streamlining material handling operations across various industries, offering efficiency, reliability, and versatility in the movement of goods. Its robust construction, user-friendly design, and adherence to safety standards make it an indispensable tool for enhancing productivity and safety in the workplace.

This mini hydraulic power unit is made up of DC motor,high pressure gear pump, hydraulic valve, tank and other components. It is usually used for the small stackers and pallet trucks.Oil returns to the tank whe n electromagnetic unloading valve unloads, and the down speed is controlled by pressure compensating flow control valve.

Outline Dimension

Hydraulic circuit optional 010

Model Specifications

Type Motor Pump
Displacement (cc/r)
Mounting Oil Port L(mm)
HPU1-10ABBCAHAEA(Y)A DC12V 0.8Kw 3500rpm 0.5 1.0 16 Horizontal G1/4"
HPU1-10ABBEAHAEB(Y)A DC12V 0.8Kw 3500rpm 0.75 1.2 200
HPU1-10BBBCBHAEA(Y)A DC24V 0.8Kw 3500rpm 0.5 1.0 170
HPU1-10BBBEBHAEB(Y)A DC24V 0.8Kw 3500rpm 0.75 1.2 200

Special Notes

1. For different flow rate pump, pressure and motor power, please check the ordering guidance.
2. This motor is based on gap working system S2=2 ~ 4min(continuous working time), so it cannot run continuously.
3. Before installation, the cylinder, oil pipe, joint and other hydraulic : components must be cleaned and free from any impurities.
4. The viscosity of hydraulic oil should be 15- -68cst and should be clean and free of impurities.HM46 hydraulic oil is recommended.
5. If you need manual oil discharge device for emergency , please specify when ordering.
6. Check that whether there is enough oil in the oil tank immediately after the first operating of the system.
7. The hydraulic oil should be replaced after the first 100 hours' use of the system, and change the oil every 3,000 hours after that.

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